Rose and Copper

'10 Treve and Lyndie pups



Copper, now  Copper Bear  is in Englewood, Colorado 

Jade, now Finley, is in Kitchen, Ontario

Jasper, now Clyde, is in Spiceland, Indiana

Onyx, now Riley is in Evansville, Indiana

Remi, now Tucker, is in Gambier, Ohio

Steele,  now Sam is in Amanda, Ohio

Turq now Dewey, is in Centerville, Ohio



Perwinkle, now Jazmine, is in Xenia, Ohio

Opal, now Francesca, is in Dayton, Ohio

Rosie, now Ramsey, is in Manhatten, Illinois

Plum, now Holly, is in Centerville, Ohio


These pictures were taken at 8 wks























'09 Treve and Lyndie Pups


Xavier Now Trevi (Colorado)


Iceman now Samson (Ohio)


Marigold now Dottie (Ohio)


Petunia now Maggie (Illinois)

Zinnia now Patches (Ohio)

Blossom now Dannigan (Indiana)

Yarrow now Riley (Ohio)

Salvia now Pepper (Ohio)


To preserve the breed and for others to experience a really good dog, we have puppies occasionally from our English Shepherds.

We are happy to announce a repeat breeding from our Lyndie and Treve.

Pups were born June 27, 2010.

We received fine reports from puppy owners of their 2009 litter and pups did well on working farms, acreage and a select few did well in suburbia with active families. We were able to see four of the pups at their homes or ours and at their dog classes! That has been a pleasure for us and we learn alot!

Lyndie and Treve are excellent examples of the English shepherd breed. Their pups should be about 50-55 pounds for females and about 60-65 pounds for males. They both are flashy black and white ES, and have the shiniest, easiest care coats of about any English Shepherd we have known, with little shedding but a once a year seasonal shed and no odor. A “rake” is about the only grooming tool you will need!

Both Lyndie and Treve have exceptionally sweet temperaments, learn very quickly, have a strong desire to please, and are medium energy level. They are excellent watchdogs and alert us to all visitors and critters! They both have shown strong herding instincts with sheep.

They get along well with other dogs when doing their classes and having dog visitors out to play in the ponds and creek. From visits, reports and photos, we have seen that their pups received these qualities! 

We take great pleasure in our puppies and look at our eight weeks with them as preparing them for their new roles with new families.
They are raised in our home, and we spend a lot of individual time with them each day. We socialize them with adults and children and they are acclimated to the sights and sounds of home and farm.

After weaning, we keep our pups in an exercise pen in very clean surroundings, and they become paper-trained. We acquaint them with a crate and to use the dog door and ramp to a fenced yard at five weeks so they begin their housebreaking very early! Our puppy owners thank us for that.

At 7-8 weeks old, we take the pups for rides in the car, we teach them to  come when called, to sit and walk on a leash all for treats and praise. We like to stimulate their minds as well as bodies with a mini agility station that Tom builds for each litter, which gives the pups a chance to think, problem solve and make up games which is as entertaining for us as it is for the pups!

Pups will be ready to go to homes at eight weeks.  The pups will be wormed three times and have their first puppy shot.

There is no limit to what you can do with your English Shepherd and the fun you will have together. They have strong instincts to herd and will follow you all day long helping with farm chores. They excel at rally obedience, agility, therapy dogs in hospitals, nursing homes or libraries—(Wags and Tales), search and rescue, Frisbee competitions and swimming after a frisbee, hiking, biking, trail riding, fishing and ice fishing, tracking, hunting squirrels, or an English Shepherd shadow and companion who wants to sleep at your  feet.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome calls and questions. We know when you give your time to love, exercise and train your pup, you will say your English Shepherd is “the best dog I ever had”

We are located an hour north of Cincinnati, Ohio and an hour south of Columbus, Ohio and have had success shipping pups on Delta Dash out of Cincinnati on a direct flight.