Creekview Farm English Shepherds, Southwest Ohio

CreekView Farm English Shepherds

Since our first English Shepherd in 1995, our dogs have had many roles around the farm.

We have been the proud breeders of five litters of English Shepherds. Our goal has always been to keep the good health, excellent temperament and versatility of the breed. We raise puppies in our home and prepare them to acclimate. We choose our puppy owner carefully as we match our puppies to their people. Our goal is to share them with people who will be loving and loyal to them as a family member, meeting their needs for their entire lifetime.

Upcoming Breeding

Larkin and Mathias

We will be breeding our tri-color Larkin (Trailblazer Girl on a Lark) with Mathias (Top o' the Mornin Mathias of WindyHill WO) in spring of 2024. 

Creekview Farm English Shepherds
Registration: ESC, UKC
Lines: Wilson, Trailblazer, Snowy River
Tests: Embark, clear for all diseases.  Mdr1, Pra, Cea, OFA good

Larkin is as sweet as she is brilliant.  She is medium size at 19 1/2 inches tall, 53 pounds and built for speed! 

She is sturdy and very athletic.  Larkin patrols our property, keeping critters, including Geese and Herons, away from the ponds.  She is a watch dog on high alert, a buddy to all visiting fishermen and the devoted boat companion when Tom takes her fishing with him.  She enjoys children and making up games, playing tunnel and "hide and seek" with our granddaughter.  She is a gentle friend and entertainment for the folks at the assisted living facility, doing her tricks for treats.  We look forward to all of the fun she will bring in the future.

Freedom Bend English Shepherds
Lisa E. Coburn
Registration: ESC, UKC
PennHip: 0.26/0.23
OFA Elbows: Normal
MDR1: clear
CEA: clear
Height: 19.5"
Weight: 48.5 lbs.

Mathias is a gentle soul, an english shadow during farm work with me, or on trails with me. He is sensitive to your feelings, and a biddable and calm herder.

He uses only the appropriate force needed for the situation. He is dependable, obedient and trustworthy. He patrols my farm for intruders and eradicates varmints. Mathias loves children, adults and the elderly. He loves to swim and he loves to ride the John Deere gator on the farm.

Mathias also has a clownish side to him. He performs tricks and talks to you just to hear you say "good boy." He is very athletic and loves to run top speed. Both his sire and dam have agility titles. Mathias breezed through his CGC classes as well as his Therapy Dog Certification and he just turned 3 years old in January. Mathias and sire and dam are medium size, beautiful, tri color English Shepherds.

I just can't say enough good things about my handsome boy, Mathias


English Shepherds have a long history in North America. Early settlers brought with them a shepherding dog, who herded livestock and protected the family. For over 200 years, English Shepherds and their ancestors have been found in rural areas and on farms across the country.

Many people remember the nice old farm dog laying by the front door on their grandparents porch, who followed grandpa as he did the morning and evening chores, helped him move cattle or sheep, kept critters and predators off the farm, played with and watched over the kids for mom, and alerted the family to anyone coming up the lane. English Shepherds are highly intelligent and learn what their owners teach them very quickly. They are sensitive and a harsh word is all the correction they need. English Shepherds are extremely devoted to their family and have a strong desire to stay close to home. They are physically and mentally active and have retained their herding instincts to this day. Learning sheep together English Shepherds are happiest when they have a job and plenty of time with their family, but if there is nothing interesting going on, an English Shepherd can lay on the front porch for hours and loves nothing more than to lay at your feet. English Shepherds thrive when they are a member of the family and can join in on the family activities. And with their low maintenance coats, English Shepherds always look and smell cleaner than you would expect! With the decline of the small family farm, English Shepherds have shown their versatility as agility competitors, search and rescue dogs, and therapy dogs and more. Now with the movement to buy from local farmers, we may be seeing more of our multi-talented English Shepherds back to their original roles!

Great-Grandfather’s English Shepherd dog Spot, in 1915


Dogs have not bred yet, get in touch to talk about the future puppies.